Regular Savings


Regular savings planning are often overlooked by clients, however, used correctly they can be an extremely powerful tool in planning for medium and long term financial goals. A basic fact is that when it comes to saving, the earlier the start the better. There are a number of questions you need to consider in order to find out if this is a tool that would be useful in your own planning, your personal wealth manager will be able to assist you with the decision making process. Regular savings plans are often medium to long term products, with Magnitude Wealth you can be certain that wherever life may take you, we will always remain in contact and provide ongoing advice, keeping you in full control of your finances.

  • How much are you able to save regularly, allowing for your normal expenditure?
  • How long would you like to continue the savings plan for
  • What is your attitude towards risk
  • What level of investment return would you expect
  • Does the plan need to be flexible enough for you to access some of the benefits before the end of the investment term

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